Nevaeh’s Rainbow project  was started by Nicole Onesti in memory of her daughter, Nevaeh. It is a local division of Project Sweet Peas. Project Sweet Peas is a national non-profit organization that offers programs and services that support the well-being of families who have an infant in intensive care, and of those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

Imagine not having simple comforts after your baby is born. I remember a nurse wiping my tears away with gauze because I had no tissues with me. I remember writing important information down on a grocery receipt because it was the only thing I could find in my purse.

The six weeks that my daughter spent in the NICU, were the loneliest of my life.Having no family close by, and a husband that had to still go to work to provide for us, I was often at the NICU all by myself. I am so thankful for the wonderful nurses and volunteers who kept me company. I remember nurses bringing in blankets or stuffed animals that were donated by people. I found comfort in people’s generosity and gifts. It gave me hope in a time that it was so hard to have hope. I vowed I would always pay it forward, and try to comfort a mom in need – like I once was.

I hope that through this project, I can provide some amount of comfort to parents endure the same pain of watching their child struggle for their life and to those that have also had to say goodbye. I would like families to know that regardless of the outcome there is hope in every situation and happiness in every memory.










Number of carepacks delivered to date: 100
Number of special holiday deliveries to date: 30
Number of memory boxes delivered to  date: 5


Nevaeh’s Rainbow project currently makes regular donations to the Aurora Baycare NICU. We also take personal requests and ship care packs.


memory pack

A memory care pack












charlotte carepack

A long-term carepack

  • Jody Kassner
    #1 written by Jody Kassner 2 years ago

    Our daughter had twin girls on Sept 10 and our good friend submitted them for a carepack….it was wonderful and my daughter and son in law love it…Thank you very much….you have a nice program, I did not know about you until this….:)

    • nevaehsrainbow
      #2 written by nevaehsrainbow 2 years ago

      Your welcome! I am so glad they liked it. I hope it brought them smiles and comfort!

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